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Discover the Q'ero Indians ancient wisdom of the Andes

Q'ero Indians performing a Despatio ceremoni

About 500 years ago when the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Inca empire, a fraction of the Incas retrieved to the high Andean mountains and stayed there in total isolation of the rest of the world until 1955 as part of a prophecy they received from the Mountain Spirits. They accepted to live in total isolation as wisdom keepers of the ancient Inca spiritual traditions until the time was ripe to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Meet master shamans Don Umberto and Doña Maria to hear them share their story of their people, to learn from their wisdom and traditions, and you also are invited to participate in a ceremony for balancing the earth (Pacha Mama).Translation is provided from the Inca language Quechua to English by Dennis Alejo Mango.

Don Umberto Sonco Quispe

At the age of 8 Umberto got seriously ill and his parents consulted high healers.

The illness was taken as a first indication that he should walk the path of Pampamesayoc or Altomesayoc.

As part of the healing an initiation and an apprenticeship were started.
A few years later Umberto was struck by lightning and the healers recommended a second initiation.

A personal turning point was when he with the help of reading the coca leafs found a group of long lost llamas. From here on, he learned to trust and grow his skills step-by-step. Don Umberto is also lovingly called 'the Old Condor' by his fellow shamans.

Doña Maria Apaza Machaca

When she was 18, one day she was walking in the mountains on her own looking for a lost llama when she heard a big bang. She was hit by lightning and struck unconscious. When she woke up she heard the voices of the Apus. She walked home and after a while she told her parents about what had happened to her. Her father started initiating her at all the Sacred Mountains. During her initiations she felt the Nusta Elogia and the Apu Carbajal take her inside the earth and afterwards they made her fly around the mountains.
These two spirits are still with her now that she is an Altomesayoq.
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